Thursday, 8 May 2014

A definitive ranking of peanut butters

I love peanut butter. It's no secret that I'm addicted to the stuff. One of my absolute things to eat is apple with peanut butter, and peanut butter on toast is simpy amazing. So, I have taken it upon myself to test all the peanut butters on the market to find the best one (and I tend to choose the crunchy versions).
Here's my thoughts on the products I have tried thus far:

Pic's really good Peanut Butter (not the smooth version) - This is delicious. It's incredibly tasty and has a darker colour than the really processed ones. It gets a layer of oil on the top but that can be mixed in (I've read that's good because it means there has been less processing). Comes in small, large and extra large jars. 3/5.

Eta awesomely Crunchy Peanut Butter (please disregard the smooth in the picture, cause seriously, what's the point in smooth?!) - This is one you'll see in many kitchen pantries. While it is definitely delicious, it doesn't quite have the same deep, rich flavour as some of the others. No oil layer on the top. Comes in this size and 1kg jars. 2/5.

Kraft Whipped Peanut Butter - So this obviously isn't crunchy, but the idea intrigued me so much I just had to try it. The texture of this stuff is AMAZING. The taste is nice, but not as strong as I like. The texture makes this product great though. Only comes in this one size. 3/5.

100% Nutz dark chocolate peanut spread - Because chocolate is one of my favourite things in the world, I enjoyed this immensely. However, because it is sweet, I found that it didn't last very long with me. And I think I prefer my peanut butter as solely that. Only comes in this size. 3/5.

100% Nutz crunchy natural peanut butter - This was really nice. A great flavour and really really crunchy (awesome). A great product, would recommend. Had a layer of oil on top. Only comes in this size. 3/5.

100% Nutz peanut butter with sea salt - Delcious. Currently going through this now and it is so yummy! It's super crunchy and has an intense flavour. The sea salt adds a nice bite too. Had a oil layer. Only comes in this size. 4/5.

Hillary Peanut + nutrient loaded spread - Interesting. This attracted my attention because it had high protein levels in it. When I first tried this spread I thought it was yuck, but it really grew on me and now I love it. It has bran bits and it's fairly light in colour. It's a totally different flavour but it's an excellent source of protein and you feel good eating this stuff. Slight oil layer on top. 3/5.


Ceres Organics almond butter - So this is obviously not a peanut butter, but I am going to include it in this list regardless. My sister told me of the deliciousness of this stuff, so I asked for some for my birthday. It's definitely different in flavour to peanut butter, and it's completely smooth. But it is oh so tasty. At about $11 for 200g, it's not something I'll buy often, but taste-wise it is a real treat. 4/5.


Eta roasted peanut butter wickedly crunchy - This is thus far my favourite. It is absolutely fantastic. So full of flavour and packed full of crunch. I am a HUGE fan. Has a massive oil layer on top and isn't in the biggest jar but oh boy it's worth it. 5/5.

I still have a few to try, including another Ceres Organics one and a Reeses one so I shall update this post. My favourite super processed one would be Pam's extra crunchy (which comes in a 1kg jar - bonus) but I couldn't find a picture of it. That would be a 4/5 though. 

This post may seem excessive, but I just love the ol' PB.

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