Saturday, 26 July 2014


I’ve had an injustice committed against me.
I wrote an article for my paper that I was quite proud of. My article was uploaded to the New Zealand Herald, who then ran it on their website. BUT the article was attributed to a Herald reporter. The only thing that was changed about the article was the heading, everything other than that was my exact wording and everything.
And what makes this worse is that this particular article had 132 shares to Facebook. That would have been my name out there 132 times. For a budding reporter, that’s a big deal.
They did credit our newspaper at the very bottom of the article, but to anyone viewing it, it was written by this other reporter.
And that’s just not fair. She wasn’t the one who took the time to do the interview, meet the person in question and get a photo. She wasn’t the one who spent the time going through pages of notes to write the article up.
That was me.
I did mention it to my manager and editor, who said they’d look into it, but nothing came of it. And even if it was now rectified, it’s not like it would be shared 132 times again.
Not impressed!
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