Wednesday, 17 December 2014

So, 2014 aye

So 2014 huh. The year of slack blogging. This is only my 19th post this year and for that I am somewhat ashamed. I love blogging, and there have been plenty of things going on that I could have blogged about. I think it’s partly because my job involves writing. So I’m writing all day and don’t really feel like it when I get home.
I have kept a record of every book I’ve read each year since my first year at high school (when I used to read 100+ books  a year – yes I was a book nerd!) and the other day I counted the amount of books I’ve read this year and it was only 11. I was less than impressed with myself so I set myself a goal of reading at least one more so I would get to 12 which equates to one a month. That’s still not very good but I can live with it.
è I’m currently reading Eat Pray Love. It’s excellent. I’ve already got massive wanderlust and this book just feeds that. It’s about a lady who leaves her monotonous life and spends a year travelling Italy, India and Indonesia on her own. It’s such a delicious book.
è Before that I read Pig Island by Mo Hayder. Also excellent. A thriller unlike I’ve ever read before and the entire time I was reading this book I was thinking ‘gosh this would make a good movie!’
Part of the reason that I’ve become so slack at reading is because of the number of excellent television shows these days. Once I find a show that I like, I’ll stream an episode with my dinner every night and then usually watch at least one more episode during the night. This year I’ve made my way through Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure – it’s pretty stupid), Luther and White Collar and just this week discovered an absolute gem – How to get away with Murder. Hnnnng this show is fantastic. I love legal dramas (Suits is one of my great loves) so this immediately appealed to me and BY GOLLY it’s good. I’m a little sad though because it’s only in season 1 and only has 9 episodes, which I’ve finished. I also flirted with Teen Wolf this year but got over that after a few seasons. Next up I want to try True Detective, Vikings, Gotham and finally get into Community.
In other news, I’m moving to England next year. I’ve just started the process of getting my working VISA and then I’m applying for a live-in pub job through the London Pub Company. My aim is to do that for 4 months then look for a job relevant to my field. While I’m over there I want to see Europe too. I’m doing this on my own which is scary but I think it will be good for me. I’m going to be forced to make friends and rely on my own resourcefulness.
I’m going to take my time getting to England before I start my job and stop in LA, New York and Reykjavik on my way over. I’m so very excited. It’s going to be epic. I may love it or hate it but I won’t know until I try!
I’m looking forward to the Christmas break! Spending time with friends and family, good food, sitting in the sun with a good book and just relaxing will be so therapeutic. I’ll be in Hawke’s Bay and Hamilton for my break – hopefully the weather is good so time can be spent outdoors.
Bye for now xx

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