Monday, 27 February 2012


It amazes me how much of a roller-coaster ride of emotions the female mind can harbour in a small space of time. I experienced this over the weekend, and today. Actually, particularly today. There were times when I felt happy then nek minnit feeling all droopy and depressed. I hope this is normal for girls, and it's not just me.

Feelings of inadequacy - do you have these? feeling as though you wish you were as good/pretty/cool as someone else. people like her better than me. Constantly comparing yourself to others and the like. Gaaaah. It's like a competition and comparison trap, when you lose sight (or have not yet gained sight) or how awesome/unique you are. 
Every time you think these sorts of thoughts, you're taking away from how great you could be. I'm not saying you ought to go round professing how awesome you are (coz no-one likes that person...), just that you're hinging your own happiness on the approval of others, which is defs not the way it should be. 

It's a vicious cycle...the more you do it, the more insecure you feel :(

On another currently loving aztec prints after a friend showed me the uber cool aztec leggings she bought. I got some aztec patterned shorts that I've been wearing to death since I bought them and am now keen as to rock more aztec prints...

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Bandeau Dress With Aztec Panels
Blu Moon Summer Lovin' Dress in Purple Aztec

Me likey.
Also, started back at uni today. Awesome lecturer and lovely small class = great start :)

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