Sunday, 4 November 2012

Broken cycle

Had a lovely weekend, hope you did too!! After going out every weekend (and sometimes twice) for the last 20+ weeks in a row, I broke the cycle and didn't go out on Saturday night, instead opting to study for my forthcoming exam. How sensible of me.

Have an exam on Tuesday then am heading up to Hamilton on Thursday to visit the parents then up to Auckland on Saturday for Coldplay!!! ARGH!!! excitement maximum!!

Random side note: I've been straightening my hair a lot less lately because I simply cannot be bothered and have recently become a renewed fan of the braid....which gives my hair a nice kink when taken out. Here is a pic of how my hair has been lately:

Does it look at all stylish or just messy? I'm thinking messy in this particular
Had a visit from le garcon too on Friday which was lovely :)


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