Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ka Pai

So I had my second day of work experience at the local community paper today. One of the things I did was accompany the editor to a photo op at a new community centre that is being built out in Highbury. It was next to the local marae and there were lots of people around doing various things for decoration of the building once it's completed. 

I have never met a group of people so friendly and hospitable.

When asking the guys doing the wood carving for their names (and correct spellings), one told me he liked my nails (I am currently sporting a leopard-print design courtesy of my friend who does nail art) and then picked up his carving tool and asked if I wanted a manicure. HAHA. He was a hard case that one. 

Though we had gotten what we came for, we were encouraged to stay for lunch and take part in the shared lunch that was being put on for the builders, carvers and weaving ladies. And what a spread it was. I lost count of the number of people who offered me a cup of tea and said 'help yourself to the sweeties, love' etc etc.

Then, the ladies who were inside doing weaving work wouldn't let me leave (even though the editor was ready to go oops haha) until I had completed one cross on the tapestry thingy they were making. They wanted me to be able to come back one day and say I helped out and point out the little bit I did.

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it was so nice. I love that about Maori culture, the emphasis on hospitality, community and being welcoming to anyone and everyone.

Ka Pai ;)

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