Sunday, 20 November 2011

Oh Summer

The weekend just past was a very happy one for me, filled with people, places and things I love.
So I don't bore you, here is a condensed version of what I did: turkish, book sale, coffee, work (12-11), sleep, farmers market, Napier, walks along beach/seafront, perusing delis and other delicious shops, cafe lunch, grandma, coffee with grandma, reading, downton abbey, sleeeeeeeeep. Bliss.
It was very close to perfect. If a few other people had been included, and work wasn't on, it most definitely would have been. A few snaps from my weekend:


Possibly the cutest cafe I have ever seen, it's tucked away behind a big steel building so it's quite a little gem! I must visit it at some point this summer.

Nom nom. Hope you had a great weekend lovelies!


  1. wow looks like an amazing weekend! i love the look of the bakery! so pretty! :) xkim


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