Sunday, 11 December 2011

A tasty tidbit..

Just had the best four days (minus work of course) since I've been back in the Bay! I re-realised how fun it is to socialise lol. Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday were the main highlights, filled with fun :D Too tired to do a full blog post (and frustrated to the point of wanting to punch this computer because it's sooooo slow) so am posting a wee tidbit of my wonderful and wacky Sunday, which I will blog about next...
More to come :)
Off to bed now, three early morning finishes in a row are catching up to me.


  1. I know, I know! Cornwall Park glass house?

  2. hehe your photo reminds me of cousin it! Where is this? i need to visit.. :) kim

  3. haha! It's at Cornwall Park glasshouse in Hastings! :)


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