Sunday, 18 December 2011

What happened last Sunday

Appy polly logies for not blogging in so long. I have been busy like a wee bee over the last week, with work, gym and friends. But busy is good, right?! So anyways, last Sunday was a major highlight for me, not only because I got to see two amazing friends who I haven't seen since the mid-year break, but because we re-lived our childhood, got back to our roots (Six60 would be proud haha) and enjoyed the simple things in life :)
Our day started off with a mean chill sesh at the beach in Napier, in glorious sunny weather. The conversation flowed, the sun shone, the laughs were was great. We shared pizza and garlic bread for lunch, along with some delish slushys. Nomnomnom.

After that we headed back to Hastings and went to Cornwall Park, a place where the three of us always used to play when we were kiddies. We used to have this 'hut' at the park (a group of trees that were surrounded by bush and a little stream that ran through it - where we used to 'wash' our dishes hahah), so we went to re-discover it. The memories and fun times flooded back, and the hut was exactly the same, though mini. Letting out inner child run free, we then proceeded to climb trees. It was great. Reminiscing is so much fun.

It was a crazy fun day. Here's to lots of repeats this summer!!

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