Friday, 8 June 2012

The art of film

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Today's post topic is film for the simple reason that I heart film. I've always been quite a movie buff, and enjoy watching movies with friends and family. Film study in English at high school was always one of my favourite units and instilled an appreciation for the way films are made. But it wasn't until uni, this year in particular, that I really came to appreciate the way films either reinforce or challenge our beliefs and ideas. I love being challenged in this way, and formulating my own standpoints on issues, so I think it's awesome when you can really sink your teeth into the issues a film raises. This has made me really want to watch some films that are praised for being contentious or effective in the message they want to get across. I also think that like books, movies can make you smarter and more well read. While doing some internet trolling about acclaimed (but perhaps lesser known) films, I have compiled a list of films I want to watch, and since the mid-year break is fast approaching, I should be able to make a start.
Here's my list...

Brick (the protagonist is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt so I'm pretty sure this will be a goodie)
Boyz n the Hood
Running with Scissors
The Artist
Donnie Darko
Life is Beautiful
Small Change
Citizen Kane

I love discovering a movie that I absolutely love, so hopefully one of these will be like that!
Have you seen any of these? Can you recommend any others?


  1. I've seen Memento and thought it was really good. Guy Pearce is a really good actor. You have to watch it really closely tho-easy to lose track. Donny Darko is just very weird and dark.

    1. Can we maybe hire it when I visit? I've heard that about DD but I've also heard that it's really good so I wanna see what I think of it :)

  2. Life Is Beautiful is one of my favourite movies of all time :) It's so moving, so so so beautiful. Please watch it and let me know what you think =)

    1. Ok, I'll make it my mission to watch it these hols :)


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