Thursday, 23 August 2012

Return to diary-style posts :)

It is the most beautiful day here more ways than just the weather! It's the last day of this half of the semester, uni work is cope-able at the moment and I'm living with my best friend again. Looking forward to heading back to Hawke's Bay this weekend with two good friends for a 21st which will undoubtedly be manic (but in a fun way). Have been getting back into a good 4-5 times a week gym routine lately too which is super!

A wee secret I'll share with you readers....I have developed a 'liking' of someone recently, who I've known for a while but haven't had much to do with. Have had a few chats with him before but last Saturday we talked for like 3 hours about everything and anything, and just clicked. He is also mega attractive too which is a bonus, and highly intelligent and witty. However, there are a few cons about this person: he is the best friend of my flat mate, he has a kid (and hence the mother will always be around and there's that history there...), and I don't know how he feels towards me! It is most likely that nothing will happen here though. And it's ok to have a crush right?


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