Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So I love trying new foods right, and about a month ago my friend and I were having a movie night and on our trip to the supermarket we discovered some interesting looking American sweets in the international section. So, being the adventurous souls that we are, we decided to give some a go. Here's what we tried: 
Reese's Pieces - ok so I'd actually tried these before but I LOVE THEM.
Pretzel m&m's - really yum! Kinda like crispy m&m's but saltier. They are pretty big though so this packet only had like 15 of them (which is probably a good thing..!)

Whoppers - these I was very excited to try. They are like maltesers but instead of being covered in chocolate they are covered in peanut butter! So yum! I still like maltesers better but these were still rather delish, very addictive though.

We also had Wonka Sweet Tarts (like sherberts) and my friend bought me a twinkie cause I was saying how I'd heard of them heaps but never tried them. They are also very yummy.
And just FYI, we didn't get through all this in the one night, just tried a couple of everything. I'm not that bad! hahaha (actually, that's debatable).

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