Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So I love trying new foods right, and about a month ago my friend and I were having a movie night and on our trip to the supermarket we discovered some interesting looking American sweets in the international section. So, being the adventurous souls that we are, we decided to give some a go. Here's what we tried: 
Reese's Pieces - ok so I'd actually tried these before but I LOVE THEM.
Pretzel m&m's - really yum! Kinda like crispy m&m's but saltier. They are pretty big though so this packet only had like 15 of them (which is probably a good thing..!)

Whoppers - these I was very excited to try. They are like maltesers but instead of being covered in chocolate they are covered in peanut butter! So yum! I still like maltesers better but these were still rather delish, very addictive though.

We also had Wonka Sweet Tarts (like sherberts) and my friend bought me a twinkie cause I was saying how I'd heard of them heaps but never tried them. They are also very yummy.
And just FYI, we didn't get through all this in the one night, just tried a couple of everything. I'm not that bad! hahaha (actually, that's debatable).

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Return to diary-style posts :)

It is the most beautiful day here today...in more ways than just the weather! It's the last day of this half of the semester, uni work is cope-able at the moment and I'm living with my best friend again. Looking forward to heading back to Hawke's Bay this weekend with two good friends for a 21st which will undoubtedly be manic (but in a fun way). Have been getting back into a good 4-5 times a week gym routine lately too which is super!

A wee secret I'll share with you readers....I have developed a 'liking' of someone recently, who I've known for a while but haven't had much to do with. Have had a few chats with him before but last Saturday we talked for like 3 hours about everything and anything, and just clicked. He is also mega attractive too which is a bonus, and highly intelligent and witty. However, there are a few cons about this person: he is the best friend of my flat mate, he has a kid (and hence the mother will always be around and there's that history there...), and I don't know how he feels towards me! It is most likely that nothing will happen here though. And it's ok to have a crush right?


Saturday, 18 August 2012

So, life eh?

Sometimes it sucks mega. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's average. Sometimes it's exciting. Sometimes it's upsetting. Sometimes it's sad. Sometimes it's happy. Sometimes it's crazy. Sometimes's its unexpected. Sometimes it's grand.

I guess that's life though, huh? A constant roller-coaster of ups and downs, and you just have to work through it all. I guess the one thing that can be constant is the way you are, the way you treat people and how you act. After all, you learn from your experiences, and you want to be able to look back one day and be proud of the way you lived.


Friday, 10 August 2012

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Something that has been playing on my mind lately is accepting people for who they are. I have quite a few friends who face unfair discrimination due to their race, appearance or interests and for some reason it's really come to my attention how much I hate the ease with which some people judge others. For some reason I really notice when people pass judgement on others, and it makes me sad because I don't see the point in it. People are unique, and that's what makes them interesting! It doesn't matter to me how someone dresses, what colour their hair is, whether they are fat, thin, short, tall, Asian, African, Arab, Buddhist, Muslim.....they are all still people and deserve equal opportunities in life.

I have recently made a new friend who many people would consider to be 'different' from the norm, but I don't care what other people say about him. I think he's interesting and fun to be around, and I think that my impression and thoughts of him that have been formulated from the time I've spent with him are what counts. And also, who is to say what's 'normal' and what's not? Plus, where's the fun in conforming to societal norms and expectations? Conformity is overrated and boring.

Funnily enough, the trigger for this post was watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which seems to preach that we should embrace our weirdness and accept the weirdness of others!

Five good reasons for accepting people for who they are:

  1. It avoids resentment and dissension. Nobody enjoys being told what to do or how to be.
  2. It brings closeness. When people know that you accept them for who they are, trust develops.
  3. You experience greater personal growth. When you accept others, your focus changes from them to you which enables you to focus on fostering your own skills and improving your shortcomings.
  4. It enables you to let go of control and enjoy the many rewards that occur when you do.
  5. You have more peace and serenity in your life.
Plus, who wants to be around someone that is always critical of others? Personally, I'm endeavoring to improve myself in this area because, while I think I'm pretty good at not being discriminatory, I still do it at times. I'm trying to see every new person that I meet as a potential friend. 

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