Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cray Cray

So last night was going to be a relatively quiet one, a few bevys with a couple of girls. No big deal. HAHAHA well that plan was shot through the roof and we ended up having an amazing flat party with about 20 people. It was off the chain. And the best part about it was that everyone had a good time. Excellent practice for the big one this coming Saturday!! Which reminds me, I'm almost 21!! Wow.

My left arm is currently covered in vivid ramblings which, despite my best scrubbing efforts, are refusing to budge. Sigh.

I saw a funny quote today:
"Heat makes things expand. So I don't have a weight problem...I'm just hot..."
Also, I have begun the process of returning to blonde. Had my first 'eraser strip' session on Saturday which lightened my hair quite a bit. Next I am getting foils done to further lighten. Very excited :)

This is the goal:

Colour before (please excuse the completely posed nature of this selfie)
Colour after (hopefully!) (also, JLawr is such a babe blonde!!)
Peace readers

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