Monday, 4 March 2013

Inadvertent absence

I've been rather busy lately. More socially than anything, though my work hours have also increased a bit (such a relief). A few things I've been up to lately:
  • Work experience at the local community paper. This has given me an insight into journalism and I like what I see!! Have had 3 articles published so far including one front page!! :)
  • A 21st in Wellington for one of my dear friends. It was absolutely awesome and we ended up staying out till about 4:30am (at which point we were pretty much falling asleep in the clubs lol)
  • A very enjoyable visit to Wellington zoo.
  • My first ever hotpot experience. I was the only non-asian present and found the whole experience super interesting. Delicious also.
  • Attended Jim Beam Homegrown. And what a day it was. My absolute favourite was Minuit. 
  • Job screening test in Wellington at Sentia Media. Such a flash office! Would absolutely love to work there.
  • Being super social. Town 3 times in a week is not uncommon atm (possibly need to ease up hah).
My favourite picture from our zoo trip:

so cute


  1. That is a very cool pic - fortuitous. How'd you get so close?


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