Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I think I’m a very curious person. And I find people interesting. Because I work on a busy street, people are going past my window everyday, so I do a fair amount of people-watching. There are regulars who go past, and it sort of comforts me to see them go past at the same time, everyday.
There are these two guys that walk past together at 12pm everyday. One tall and lanky dark-haired guy who wears glasses. He’s always on the right. He kind of reminds me of Harry Potter, but is much taller. The other one is shorter and has a big nose. He exudes more ‘cool’ than his friend. They both wear crisp suits, though the shorter guy’s one is better fitting. On the odd occasion that taller guy is on his lonesome, he’ll walk back past eating a pie. Perhaps when he’s alone he succumbs to his pie-vice.  I feel like these two guys are accountants or lawyers. Or perhaps in real estate. With the risk of sounding incredibly creepy/stalkerish, I enjoy watching them. Not because I’m in love with them or obsessed with them. Just because I’m curious about them.
I want to know their names. I want to know their stories. I want to know who they are.

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  1. Love this blog. Well written. More please =)


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