Monday, 21 October 2013


My car has been written off. On my way home from work last Thursday, a woman failed to give way to me at a busy intersection and plowed right into my car, completely screwing up the front right wheel and side panel. It was really scary, and I was shaking like crazy afterwards. It’s eerie because I’d been talking to my workmate less than an hour earlier about how you can do all you can to be a safe driver, but can’t control how other people drive. Then boom, car gets written off. I also remember thinking a few days prior that everything in life was going pretty smoothly. Then boom, everything is complicated by a car accident.

I’m really lucky though. My flatmate pointed out to me that if I’d been hit a bit further back, on the car door, I could have broken my leg. And then I wouldn’t have been able to go to Thailand. Now THAT would have been depressing.


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