Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Work life

So while in my last post I was all happy with life, it is of course not the case that all areas of life are amazing. 

I like my new job. It’s interesting, challenging and busier than my previous one. There’s just one thing that’s getting in the way of it being super awesome. And that’s a co-worker. From my very first day here she’s been the least friendly towards me and I feel like I’m constantly doing things wrong. Sure, she says hi and ‘have a good weekend’ and all that, but it’s always uneasy and forced when we talk. She’s just one of those people I can’t bond with, no matter how hard I try. And unfortunately she’s my direct superior and the one I work closest with. Even though my previous role here was boring, I was happier because I was around people that I could joke with and be myself around. And she’s the only one in the entire office that’s harder to get along with. I love everyone else, they’re great!
She constantly shoots down story ideas that I come up with and takes lots on herself rather than delegating to me, and then complains about being ‘soooo busy’. And she makes me feel like I’m really useless at what I do. She doesn’t critique my writing as much anymore (thank goodness) but there are all these other, subtle things that just make me feel crap. Like today after we went to print she told me I had to go and get a new photo for this one shop that advertises with us. I said to her that the client had told me to repeat the last photo then she was like “No, you need to get a new one. Take the initiative, that’s the one they always use.” Like how am I supposed to know, having never dealt with this client before, that they always use that photo? And if the client wants to repeat something, that’s what we do.  But it’s more just the way she talks to me. It’s not friendly at all, it’s harsh and patronizing and I feel like she hates my guts and would rather work alone.
You know how females do it, they make little snide remarks and comments that get under your skin and make you feel stink rather than confront you straight up. This situation is no different. She’ll laugh and joke with everyone else in the office, but never me. Though I guess the same goes for me, as I just can’t with her. It’s not a big, obvious thing, and no one else in the office probably notices anything. But it’s definitely there. And it sure cuts.
I hope and pray that things will get better. We’ve only been working together for a while, so still getting to know each other and stuff. But if not, I don’t know what I’m going to do :(


  1. That is tricky. But if it doesn't get any better, find another job. TBH I think she sounds a bit threatened by you.

  2. Oh and also, keep in mind that she is also in a brand new role and probably still trying to grapple with her responsibilities.

  3. Oh I know that feeling, as you know! Bitches be everywhere! We'll have to discuss it on Tuesday.


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