Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sail - Awolnation

This song is simply brilliant. I can't get enough of it at the moment. There's just something about it that is really moving and just gorgeous. Love. Love. Love.

Hope you fall in love with it as much as I have.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cray Cray

So last night was going to be a relatively quiet one, a few bevys with a couple of girls. No big deal. HAHAHA well that plan was shot through the roof and we ended up having an amazing flat party with about 20 people. It was off the chain. And the best part about it was that everyone had a good time. Excellent practice for the big one this coming Saturday!! Which reminds me, I'm almost 21!! Wow.

My left arm is currently covered in vivid ramblings which, despite my best scrubbing efforts, are refusing to budge. Sigh.

I saw a funny quote today:
"Heat makes things expand. So I don't have a weight problem...I'm just hot..."
Also, I have begun the process of returning to blonde. Had my first 'eraser strip' session on Saturday which lightened my hair quite a bit. Next I am getting foils done to further lighten. Very excited :)

This is the goal:

Colour before (please excuse the completely posed nature of this selfie)
Colour after (hopefully!) (also, JLawr is such a babe blonde!!)
Peace readers

Monday, 4 March 2013

Inadvertent absence

I've been rather busy lately. More socially than anything, though my work hours have also increased a bit (such a relief). A few things I've been up to lately:
  • Work experience at the local community paper. This has given me an insight into journalism and I like what I see!! Have had 3 articles published so far including one front page!! :)
  • A 21st in Wellington for one of my dear friends. It was absolutely awesome and we ended up staying out till about 4:30am (at which point we were pretty much falling asleep in the clubs lol)
  • A very enjoyable visit to Wellington zoo.
  • My first ever hotpot experience. I was the only non-asian present and found the whole experience super interesting. Delicious also.
  • Attended Jim Beam Homegrown. And what a day it was. My absolute favourite was Minuit. 
  • Job screening test in Wellington at Sentia Media. Such a flash office! Would absolutely love to work there.
  • Being super social. Town 3 times in a week is not uncommon atm (possibly need to ease up hah).
My favourite picture from our zoo trip:

so cute
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