Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Days + Crazy Nights

Sorry for the long delay between posts! I'm so much better when I'm at uni and get into my regular routine, so bear with me! Life highlights since my last post include: A 7.5 hour Downton Abbey marathon (with the bestie and some lovely nosh), another great night with friends which involved new card games, playing on the playground at the park, excessive rhyming and a 2am visit to McDs, slushies with the sister, night-time tennis and work (which has been surprisingly bearable lately). Looking forward to a busy weekend coming up too, I'm working at a Hall & Oates featuring Icehouse concert at Church Road Winery which should be fun!

Some things I've been appreciating recently...

These stairs Jo and I discovered - so cool! And culminating in Charlie Chaplin, even cooler.
 (Charlie's art deco Restaurant in Napier)

Coldplay's superb newest single Charlie Brown
(hmmm what is it with Charlie's lately)

This little doggie, Kobe, my work friend :)

Peace out homies


  1. Um...methinks you may mean "bear" with you, rather than "bare" which, funnily enough, sounds like an invitation to skinny-dip...

  2. Changed!
    Funny though coz I had it spelt the correct way then changed it coz it looked weird! Haha


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