Saturday, 14 January 2012

The lowdown

After a week filled with awesomeness (last Saturday night, going to the movies, and 2 other movie dates, gym sessions, great work last night and mean car chats with Harriet etc etc) and some lows (working 6 days, having my car number plates stolen), I am finally blogging again. Yay!

Something that has made me really happy lately is that I feel as though I've found my social 'niche' - a group of people I love hanging out with and honestly crave spending time with. Every time is a good time with this group. Having such an awesome group of mates is such a blessing, and I'm gonna be really sad to leave when I head back to uni :(

Anyways, today is my only day off so Ima make it great! Had a sleep in this morning (didn't get to bed until 1am after a 14hr shift and only had 3 hours sleep Thursday so this was much needed), am hanging with one bestie in the arvo and meeting both of them for dinner in Napier tonight! I shall take my camera :)

Oh, and I might play tennis this arvo too :)
This is how I feel when I play tennis...........

Happy. I love Tennis :)
Have a fab day readers!!

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