Thursday, 26 April 2012


Yuss, second A for the week! Stoking right about now :)
This one was for the essay I wrote (and previously blogged about writing) about The Stepford Wives and its gender representation and ideologies. I found this essay easy to write, because I felt passionate about the subject matter. Hmmm....thinking I'm a feminist? Not the bra-burning, man-hating type though...just in some ideas and beliefs I have.

If you haven't seen the original Stepford Wives, I fully recommend it. Such a good movie, despite it being pretty old. And Joanna and Bobby have mean style. Here's the trailer..

And you can actually watch the whole movie on Youtube.
Watched a documentary called 'Color Adjustment' (yes I do know how to spell, that's just the true title) yesterday and discussed it in class today. Again, so interesting! The material in this paper is really making me think about important issues (this time how the media treats colour), and I'm absolutely loving it!
I think the media industry is definitely in my future...
hope y'all have had a brill day :)


  1. Aww awesome! That essay (well the half you read to me) was absolutely brilliant so I am not surprised you did so well ;) I will have to read the second half.. Yay for that, you're amazing. Ly XO

  2. thank ya SB. I feel similar when you tell me all this technical stuff about bones...! haha :) xo


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