Monday, 23 April 2012

South Island Trip (part 2)


Got home 5am, got up 9am. Walked into the city with Jess, Jo, Rose and Jac for brunch (well, lunch really as it was midday by this point) at a little cafe called Capers. I had the most amazing field mushrooms on toasted herb foccacia. Delish! After a quick trip to the mall, we headed back to the flat, packed up and sat out in the sun (another beaut day!) eating Jaffas. Our ride then came, we said our goodbyes and hit the road back to Christchurch. That night we drove around the city to try and see the earthquake damage. We saw the Cashel Street container mall which was really cool, and some damaged buildings but couldn't see too much coz it was dark. Back at the mates place we watched a movie then crashed in the lounge.....dead to the world.


Said half asleep goodbyes to the mate we were staying with then got up, packed and sat outside in the glorious sunshine. Were picked up by my Auntie and Cousin (who I've been writing to for over ten years) who took us back to their place. We then saw the other cousins, took the dog for a walk to the local park, then went back for lunch. After lunch we played Dutch Blitz, the best card game everrrr. Then headed to airport and flew back to Welly, where our flatmate picked us up and drove us back to Palmy.

Done. Haha. This is quite skimmed but you can get the gist of the fabulous weekend that it was :)
Dunedin, Thanks so much for turning out great weather and great times during our weekend with you. Am now seriously contemplating moving down next year.

Back into uni now so should be blogging more regularly from this point onwards.

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