Friday, 20 April 2012

South Island Trip (part 1)

So am finally getting round to blogging about my trip down south, sorry about the delay!

I'll begin with Friday...
Got up at 6am (packed the night before), flatmate drove Jac and I to Wellington airport at 7:30am. Got to airport, had a mocha (yum) and muffin (horrid - had been heated to the point of inedible dryness and upon losing heat turned rock solid, ick). Caught our flight and an hour later we were in Christchurch! What a b-e-a-utiful city that is! Such gorgeous weather too. Got to our mates flat, dropped our bags off and went walkies to the nearby Westfield mall. Checked that out for a bit, had a smoooooooooooooothie then walked back to the flat to wait for the mate to get home from work. Not much later we left the garden city for our final destination: Dunedin!

4.5 hours and a subway dinner stop in Oamaru later, we arrived. Got out of the car and sheesh was it cold!! Put the puffer on straight away. Then finally got to the flat of two of my best and oldest friends. Went for a walk round Otago University (beaut! so flash!) then headed back home and stayed up chatting with friends and friends of friends until 1am. Was great. Had a mean sleep in the 'fort' that night :)

One of the beautiful Otago Uni buildings 

Got up late then headed into Dunedin town with Jess, Jo and Jac. Went for a tour of the Cadbury chocolate factory (got a goodie bag of chox && a sample of liquid chocolate *drool*). Then headed to the Botanical Gardens with lunch and sat in the sun enjoying nature, good food, great company and great conversation :) was grand. Also visited the aviary at the gardens but the parrot wouldn't talk to us. shame. Then headed back to the flat, got alc, got dressed up and settled in for a few drinks (which became more than a few for one in particular ;p but that's history now). This period from 8-12am included: beer pong, snap, many shots, second trip to liquor store, catching up with 2 old school friends, an American with something interesting in his pocket and a shoe-swap incident. Headed into Dunedin town after midnight which was pretty coool, was lots of fun dancing with J&J. Got home and crashed around 5am.

Stay tuned for part 2 :)


  1. This makes me soooo homesick!! I love the clock tower!!!
    A little bit looking forward to heading back to finish my degree next year now :)
    I'm glad you liked it!!

  2. Yes your home is beautiful, I want to move down next year!


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