Thursday, 12 July 2012

Our trip to Hamilton

It seems to always be the case that when things seem to be going so well, and life is great, it all comes crashing down. This is the case in my life at the moment. After living a relatively drama-free existence for the majority of my life, I don't really know how to deal with the recent dramas in my life. Thank goodness I have the most amazing best friends who are with me every step of the way. Without these girls I don't know how I'd cope. I'm trying to act normal and be myself but it's hard to keep that up when other people make it difficult. Gaaaaaaah.

Anyho...I got back from an amazing week up in Hamilton recently with my parents and my two best friends. It was great. During the week I went out for many meals, went clubbing with the girls, went for a walk around the lake, went to the Hamilton Gardens, played Squash, watched movies, made dinners, went shopping (and spent far too much $$ as a result..eek) and just had a generally lovely time catching up with my nearest and dearest. Some pics from my trips away...

Love these girlies :) Thanks for a great time 


  1. Love you too!! I had the most amazing time! :) xxx

  2. I second that comment! :D xxx


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