Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ten random truths

1) I've seen the movie Ted twice.
2) I went ice skating last night with my flatmate. He almost fell multiple times. I didn't. yuss.
3) I'm thinking of going to Thailand or Korea this summer.
4) I'm currently reading Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy.
5) I'm currently crushing on Tom Hardy. He has copious amounts of swagg.
6) I wonder how important a person has to be before they are considered assassinated rather than murdered?
7) My flatmate let me create his character on Skyrim last night. I made her real dirty with lots of war paint. fun.
8) I watched Life is Beautiful recently. It was beautiful.
9) On Tuesday night I was told something by someone which made me feel good.
10) I bought some new heels recently. Because they are 6-inch, when I wear them I will be 6 foot tall. oosh.

The ones on the left are the ones I bought. Very cool.

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