Sunday, 2 September 2012

Girl time

While it's fun to hang with the boys at times (and can be a great deal less stressful), there is nothing that beats a good 'ol girl hang sesh. I personally think there isn't much that beats just chilling with the besties watching movies with some sweet deliciousness and great conversation. In saying this though, the bestie and I were talking about how it would be fun to have a night doing totally girlie things that we never do, like slathering on some face masks and having a grooming sesh whilst listening to some really relaxing music. So this got me to thinking about other ideas for nights with the girls, and after doing some 'research' I came across a few ideas I want to try some time...
  • Scouring youtube for make-up tutorials and spending a night practicing all sorts of different looks (I'm not too good with eye makeup so would probably fail miserably but it would still be fun!)
  • Find some awesome craft to do and have a night being totally crafty with glue and sequins and glitter!
  • Learn a dance routine from youtube! Then bust it out in town later?
  • Pick a nationality and dedicate the night to it - French food, french movies, french clothes, speak french...etc etc
  • Clothes swap! 
  • Get in the kitchen and cook up something completely random from scratch - not allowed to buy anything, that's the challenge!

Really want to do some of these things over summer, with those beautiful souls I love spending time with. Especially want to have a pamper party type thing - could be heaps of fun! Do you have any other ideas for fun girl night activities?


  1. awww, great idea! i love girlie times! i love having sleepovers and talking in the dark before you go to sleep. wonderful x

  2. Aww awesome! Definitely a must do this summer! xx


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