Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Prettiness xx

Some pictures that make me smile/feel happy on this beautifully sunny Hawke's Bay day (made that much lovelier by the fact that it's a day off for me. yuss).....


have a fab day readers

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Days + Crazy Nights

Sorry for the long delay between posts! I'm so much better when I'm at uni and get into my regular routine, so bear with me! Life highlights since my last post include: A 7.5 hour Downton Abbey marathon (with the bestie and some lovely nosh), another great night with friends which involved new card games, playing on the playground at the park, excessive rhyming and a 2am visit to McDs, slushies with the sister, night-time tennis and work (which has been surprisingly bearable lately). Looking forward to a busy weekend coming up too, I'm working at a Hall & Oates featuring Icehouse concert at Church Road Winery which should be fun!

Some things I've been appreciating recently...

These stairs Jo and I discovered - so cool! And culminating in Charlie Chaplin, even cooler.
 (Charlie's art deco Restaurant in Napier)

Coldplay's superb newest single Charlie Brown
(hmmm what is it with Charlie's lately)

This little doggie, Kobe, my work friend :)

Peace out homies

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Field Candy

I like camping. I haven't done a heck of a lot of it, but have good memories from the camping I have done, and want to do more in the future. Even camping out in the backyard with friends was a highlight of my childhood! My friends and I planned to have a backyard campout at some point this summer, though I'm not sure if it'll happen coz we're kinda running out of time. I saw the most amazing tents on KuTE KIWI the other day and just had to reblog them. So incredibly cool. Here are some of my favourites...
Strawberry surprise
Snug as a bug
Get a Room
Don't be a leopard
All wrapped up
Cheese please
A touch of chintz
Out of a suitcase
Fully booked

Kayso I pretty much like all of them!! But seriously, how hip would it be to rock up at a campsite with a tent like this! Make a statement much?! Haha.
I love.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The lowdown

After a week filled with awesomeness (last Saturday night, going to the movies, and 2 other movie dates, gym sessions, great work last night and mean car chats with Harriet etc etc) and some lows (working 6 days, having my car number plates stolen), I am finally blogging again. Yay!

Something that has made me really happy lately is that I feel as though I've found my social 'niche' - a group of people I love hanging out with and honestly crave spending time with. Every time is a good time with this group. Having such an awesome group of mates is such a blessing, and I'm gonna be really sad to leave when I head back to uni :(

Anyways, today is my only day off so Ima make it great! Had a sleep in this morning (didn't get to bed until 1am after a 14hr shift and only had 3 hours sleep Thursday so this was much needed), am hanging with one bestie in the arvo and meeting both of them for dinner in Napier tonight! I shall take my camera :)

Oh, and I might play tennis this arvo too :)
This is how I feel when I play tennis...........

Happy. I love Tennis :)
Have a fab day readers!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Beginnings

I am becoming slacker and slacker at blogging, and I do apologise. But in my defence, the only computer I can use is ridiculously slow and I am hardly ever home to post. I hope y'all had a great christmas and new year. I saw the new year in with a new friend (a person I clicked with immediately, which doesn't happen too often and thus was very cool), one of my oldest friends, two male specimens and another girl I hadn't met before. It involved lots of dancing and a veeeeeeeeeeery late bedtime of 6:15am. But it was totes worth it :) Since then, I've been working and seeing friends. Oh and my friend and I found an awesome flat for next year too which is exciting!

Seeing as it's a new year and all, I have a few resolutions I want to see through this year, which are...
  • Do really well academically seeing as it's my final (and most important!) year
  • Get into the habit of eating really healthily. Three meals a day, everyday. Had a mean convo with a close friend about this the other day, and there are things that can defs be improved. Here's to making this year the one where I finally kick those unhealthy habits!
  • Keep up regular exercise.
  • Be more social, and make more friends!
  • Become more self-confident....somehow...
  • Go to more gigs!
  • Blog more! And maybe get to 10 followers? Tehehe
So these are pretty generic and boring, but they're the ones that I really want to improve on. And finally, I want to keep this in mind (as I tend to care about looks and be superficial way too much, bad ae..!).....................

What are your resolutions?
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