Saturday, 15 June 2013


So I went and saw The Great Gatsby last week. I don't even know which word would accurately describe it. Perhaps something like sensational, epic, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, visionary, dazzling, magnificent, majestic. Yet these words still don't grasp just how great it was. The cinematography was beyong brilliant, the casting perfect and acting exceptional. The costumes were gorgeous and the music contemporary yet somehow still of the time (1920s). Argh. I don't think I have ever been so in awe of a movie, and still so in awe of it a week on. And here I was thinking Leonardo DiCaprio was past his best. Oh no, my love for him is completely reaffirmed. I wrote a review for it which featured in the Guardian on Thursday the 13th June. If you're interested, read it here (page 20).

This movie was just delicious. Definitely go and see it on the big screen. It needs to be done.

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