Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yay & Nay

Yay - It is almost Friday!!
Nay - I just watched the season 3 finale of Game of Thrones. Waiting for season 4 is going to be tough.
Yay - Got to see my best friend a couple of weekends back, and had such an amazing time with her.
Nay - Realised how much I miss her and now crave her company even more.
Yay - Have been to the gym 3 times already this week, on track for 6 times this week!
Nay - Made a delicious (and semi fancy) meal for the flat tonight and there ended up only being 2 of us there to eat it (out of 5 of us).
Yay - The All Blacks have started up their season again, Saturday night rugby = good times.
Nay - Was fully keen to do the Tough guy and gal challenge with the flatties but then realised I have work on that day. Lame!
Yay - Only one month before I can get my hair done again, hopefully for the last time!!
Nay - A whole month before I can get my hair done again. waaaaa.
Yay - Getting back into reading again, and it is good. So good.
Nay - The weather here lately has meant that I pretty much permanently have my clothes horse up in my room. This means frequently walking into it = bruises = not ideal.
Yay - Have been able to save money again. This is excellent and alleviates a bit of stress from my life.
Nay - Have to pay my car rego tomorrow :(
Yay - Am going overseas at the end of this year! wooop!
Nay - Keep seeing so many lovely things I want to buy. Sometimes I wish I was a millionaire. Then I realise that material things are pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things.
Yay - Get free movies at both Downtown Cinema and Cinema Gold here in Palmy, so I can write reviews for the paper. Ideal for the movie lover that I am.
Nay - I was fully going to write like three posts tonight, then somehow managed to waste time doing nothing at all. As I do. Seriously so bad at that!

And now it is late, and I must rest my tired eyes. I leave you with this:

Stay Rad readers

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