Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lows and Highs

So we’re over halfway through the year. And my goodness it’s gone by quickly. It’s been a rollercoaster of sorts for me. There have been massive highs and massive lows.
In the low corner:
We have boys, income and weight. All the usual suspects.  The year got off to a slow start job-wise after finishing my degree in 2012. It was pretty tough there for a while without much income coming in, which meant I was eating into my savings a fair bit. I still had the job I’d entertained whilst studying, but the hours weren’t enough. Seeing my bank balance diminish was not fun, and it was getting to be a source of stress the longer it went on.
Unfortunately, over the last year I met a boy who I liked more than I’ve ever liked a boy before. Not going to lie, I had high hopes. These hopes were dashed. Not once, but three times. The boy who I thought was lovely and sweet turned out to be completely selfish and mean. Not to mention the most confusing person I’ve ever come across. I shed a few tears over this boy, which I know is completely stupid. And the worst part about it all is that I still hold him on a pedestal. Argh! Some of my lowest of the low moments were because of this boy. And that annoys me immeasurably. Fortunately said boy no longer resides in the same city as me.
Weight is a constant struggle of mine. It weighs (…cringe…) on my mind all the time and is where much of my self-esteem issues stem from. I know I’m not fat but my ideal body is very far from where I am at the moment. I know that weight is so unimportant in the scheme of things and doesn’t define who I am but it’s still something I seem to see as being very significant and thus I feel pretty stink about it at times.
In the high corner:
We have income and travel. After doing a bit of experience at the local paper, I was offered a 35 hour/week job. This has enabled me to build my savings again. It’s also been excellent in terms of getting articles published. This will help me build a portfolio and increase my job prospects in the future. There have also been some very exciting days on the job, which has resulted in being on the 6pm news and interviews with Stan Walker, Ruby Frost and Benny Tipene (household names here in NZ). Days like that make me so excited about my area of work.
A recent high is that I’m going to Thailand at the end of this year! I’ve wanted to travel for so long and am now finally getting to do it. South East Asia looks like such a fascinating place and it’s a massive  understatement to say that I'm excited. I'm going with a really good friend of mine and one of her mates and it is going to be just amazing. We are going to get lost in a different culture. I can't wait.
I think the last couple of years have been particularly formative for me, as what has been in my path has really solidified my beliefs, values and personality. Even the tough times teach you things about yourself, and how you'd approach a certain situation differently in future. And I'm incredibly blessed to have the most amazingly supportive friends and family. I can't even imagine life without them.

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