Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Last weekend

After being relatively unsocial and nanna-ish of late, I had a fabulously social weekend last weekend. A very dear friend who lives in Hamilton came down to visit from Friday to Sunday which was outstanding. On Friday night a group of 6 of us went out for dinner at The Brewer’s Apprentice (if you’re ever in Palmy, stop here, it’s the place to be on Friday nights) which was delicious. After dinner and a cheeky walk to get dessert, we went home to get changed and then went back into town for a bit with another of my lovely friends who was visiting from Wellington. Saturday morning we hit the gym for two hours then saw Johnny Depp’s latest flick The Lone Ranger, which was very amusing. That night we had a few friends over for drinks and hit town (the first time in agesssss for me, considering my town appearance history). It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately my Hamiltonian friend had to leave on Sunday which was sad – a weekend visit just isn’t long enough. But regardless, it was a fantastic weekend.

My friends are just fabulous.

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