Saturday, 19 May 2012


My sister and I have tickets to the Coldplay concert in November!!! SOOOOO excited!! Such an amazing band who have been around forever and have innumerable hits (yellow, trouble, fix you, every teardrop is a waterfall, paradise, viva la vida, lost, speed of sound, princess of china, violet hill.....) so def glad to have gotten tickets! This will be the first big concert of my life. The only other big concert I've been to was a Hi5 one back when I was a wee youngin. haha. It's hard to pick my favourite Coldplay song, as there are just too many I like, but you really can't go past Yellow...

Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


  1. Awww, I really wish I got tickets for Coldplay! So great. Yellow is fabulous - I also adore Green Eyes :)

    1. I think you can still get them! Such an amazing band. I'll have to youtube Green Eyes, don't know it! :)


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