Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Current life haps

Hey there! Sorry for the delay between posts, I keep meaning to post but then don't get round to it...my bad. Here's what's up with me lately:

  • Uni - getting pretty busy atm. 3 assignments due next week (gaaaaah). I'm sure lecturers get together in their staff room thingys and connive to put due dates all in the same week. evil. 
  • Work - got heaps of hours over the study break which was excellent (ca-ching!). Next few shifts are doing nights which I much prefer, so cruisey!
  • Flat - going ok at the moment. Things have calmed down somewhat (for now anyway). As always, love living with Jac who is my go-to/confidante/partner in crime/SB4lyf.
  • Weekend - Nuts. Had 2 crazy Australians visiting the flatmate over the weekend. So the boys decided they would do a 3 day bender: going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday night I sober drove them to town (5 big boys in my little hatchback (one in boot) = LOL), they got home 2:30am. Friday night they had another added to their number and hit a party then went to town. Awoke at 3am to moaning in the hallway followed by retching in the bathroom. Poor Graeme had a wee bit too much. Saturday night they were all over the place so Jac and I went to watch the rugby at Erik's and then hit town with him. Met the boys in town. Got home with the boys at 3:30am and went straight to sleep. Pretty sure a few boys slept  on the floor that night cause we didn't have enough couches/beds for everyone. Crazy but fun times. Also hung with the parents on Saturday during the day which was awesome. So lovely to see them again. We went out for lunch, I took them for a tour of my work and then we had a drink beside the fire at Brewer's Apprentice. So nice. Also got to see Jess and Ethan on Sunday which was also cool! Such a mean weekend filled with my favourite people :) :) :)
  • Le Garcon - texts everyday, is coming over for a movie night on Friday (ta for advice Emma), is also coming to party in Hastings with me&jac&erik this weekend! excite! still incredibly attractive ;)
  • Gym - really enjoying it lately. Body Attack tonight YAY (that is not laced with sarcasm btw).
  • Music - getting into a bit of trance music lately, courtesy of le garcon. Armand van Buuren what up.
  • Recent splurges - went clothes shopping with Jac yesterday, spent too much oops. Bought a khaki parka (have been wanting one for aaaaaaaaages so this purchase was justified I think), a top and some cute ankle boots. Also bought some new flats today. Soooooo balance has suffered a wee bit.
Here are some photos from Thursday night. Adam, Blair and Dan were gutted they weren't on my photo wall so made me take some  photos. However, they wouldn't stay still so the pics are all rather blurry. This is probably how they were seeing things though hehe...
Me & Adam - I was standing on the bed so I could be the same height as him. 
Me, Adam, Blair
Adam and Blair - he actually wasn't punching Blair in the face.
Adam, Blair and Dan. Silly boys wouldn't stop moving. LOL
good times though


  1. Awesome post! Such an epic and fantastic weekend!! xx

  2. Heheheh I'm glad you took my advice, hope it went well :)


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