Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Well hello there

Interesting things as of late:
  • Watched Memento for class yesterday. Brilliant movie, so intense and intellectual! Just how I like. I think Christopher Nolan is up there with my favourite directors. He must be one smart cookie.
  • Worked at an 80th birthday party last Saturday. The man whose birthday it was, Fred, was the sweetest little old man ever. He has Parkinsons and couldn't hold his drink for long due to shaking. So sad to see.
  • Bought a dress online the other day from Nasty Gal. Can't wait for it to turn up!
  • Going to a 21st this weekend that is going to be absolutely insane. Met the guys whose house it's being held at last weekend, such crack ups.
  • Two songs we are cranking a great deal lately: Gangnam Style and Feel Inside (and stuff like that). Also loving Pursuit of Happiness by Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi. 
  • Had the cutest Gilmore Girls date the other night. 3 of us (one being a boy) sprawled on my bed watching Lorelai and Rory go about their lives. Currently on the second season (I've seen them all multiple times) which I think is one of, if not, the best. I love Gilmore Girls, actually.
  • Despite sounding cheery above, in reality this is me a bit lately...
It hasn't been the best of weeks :(


  1. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I watch it when I need a pick me up too, it's the best.

  2. It's sooooo the best show ever! :)

  3. Chin up beautiful xx


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