Thursday, 6 December 2012

Oh hai there :)

Hey there readers, sorry for my absence!

Our flat has been between internet plans so I've been relying on phone internet for the past wee while, which is simply not viable for blogging. But I have now returned!!

Since my last blog post:

  • Two of my flatmates (including the bestie) have moved out. There are currently only two inhabitants, and its weird not having the loud ones around anymore. 
  • We had one last party at the flat before these two moved out. It got cray. Jac and I dressed up as cats, we were pretty darn cute.
  • I've been working a fair amount, which is good because Christmas is super close! ahhh!
  • I've become a fan and user of Instagram.
  • I've watched heaps of Game of Thrones. It's amazing.
  • Had the most lovely weekend in Hastings with the parents. Lovely food and great company = bliss.
  • Caught up with a few friends, which has been nice.
Jac and I had a pamper day and did these face-mask thingys. One of mine was electric blue, as you can see. This is my take on 'blue steel', Derek Zoolander eat your heart out...!
Got given this super cute gift for being a valued customer at 278 on Cuba. It's hot chocolate in a jar! Choc drink powder, choc bits and marshmallows...just add to hot milk and voila! So cuuute :D


  1. That hot choc in a jar looks super cute! what's your username on instagram? i love instagram! just a wee bit obsessed haha.

    PS: game of thrones is AWESOME!

    1. I've only uploaded like 4 pics so far but it's dalewicken14 :) Yes I definitey concur, GoT is amazing :)


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