Monday, 1 April 2013

A question

I have a question for you. It's about relationships. I wonder, how do you know when you should enter into one? Do you have to have feelings to begin with, or can they develop? Should you 'date' first and let the feelings develop then enter into the relationship? It's ok to be super selective, right? complicated...

^^ ??


  1. There definitely has to be a spark and a reason to enter the relationship. And you can definitely be selective too :) xx

  2. I'm mixed on opinions about this, although it's not like I have a great track record or anything, so how would I know!

    From personal experience, I definitely agree about the "spark" thing! There's gotta be that chemistry, the instant attraction or something.

    But at the same time, according to some of my friends, not everyone gets the "spark". With one of my friends, she didn't have the initial spark, however her feelings developed as the relationship developed, and they've been together for a while now.

    The 'dating' thing.. Well, what defines as a 'date'? Haha you could date/get to know someone and then find out that the person isn't right for you = no relationship. Date and you click = more dates/hang out more = relationship. Or, attraction/sparks/relationship- Get to know person. Person isn't right for you = break-up; person is right for you = serious relationship.

    Haha complications galore! But I guess it's situation dependent. You know when you want to be in a relationship though!


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