Tuesday, 9 April 2013

One week on

So the wellness challenge....yeah....haha. So it pretty much failed miserably last week when it was supposed to start. I blame the fact that I had visitors from out of town and thus was going out for meals, having movie nights etc etc. BUT I've made a much greater effort this week. I've been very good and healthy and have been to the gym more so feeling better about my efforts! Still have areas that I need to improve on but pretty pleased with my week so far in this sense. And when you eat healthy you realise how yum healthy food is! Like I had low-fat yoghurt with muesli and sultanas for lunch yesterday and it was so delish! Don't know why I don't have that more often tbh. And apples are just so yummy. As are salads, and soup! (It's been ridiculously cold here lately).

On another note, I've been super busy with work at the paper lately, and am getting things published every week. Things I've covered lately have included: a triathlon, the 'Square Affair' retro festival, a 100th birthday celebration, the NZ and US meat export market (my Daddy would be proud), home insulation and education for teen parents. It's so varied and interesting, and I love it.

Also had my two 21st celebrations recently, one a huge house party (which was soooooo fun/crazy) and the other a lovely lunch back in Hastings with my family and a couple of friends. Got to catch up with these gorgeous ladies who I don't get to see very often:

And this was my amazing cake courtesy of le mothership:
Wish I turned 21 more often!!

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