Monday, 15 April 2013

Those friends

I've made a new friend recently. And he's become one of 'those friends'. You know the ones, that you can talk to about the most random stuff, at all hours. Whenever we hang out in town, we ditch beer barrel (the place to be in wee ol palmy) and climb the FMG building, go round the side, sit down and yarn about the most random things. Last time it was about the social skills vs academic skills you attain at university, and whether it's better to aim for straight As and not go out much, or go out and socialise but only get B grades. Interesting stuff. We've also discussed the merits of being male vs female, football and IQ tests.

I love friends like that, that you can have random yarns with. I'm very lucky that all of my closest friends are ones I can do exactly this with :)



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