Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Current state of mind

A very good day today, considering it was super busy with uni then work then uni work. What made today particularly lovely: freshly washed hair, great lectures, great conversations, watching my first ever episode of Dallas in Television Studies and collectively cringing with my friends, a txt from Dad in Canada, contact with two amazing friends back in Hawke's Bay, free food from work woop woop (!!), Friends and a beautiful facebook message ;) The only thing that took away from all these positives was being subjected to wind rape.
At this particular point in life...

I'm listening to: Settle down by Kimbra
I'm reading: Forensic Analysis of Personal Written Texts: A Case Study (yawn)
I'm missing: Jac, Jess, Jess, Jo :(
I'm restraining from buying: Clothes (was soo tempted at the Plaza on Sunday), Shatter nailpolish (itsocool)
I'm feeling: Lazy (haven't been to the gym in a while) Full of water (sculled a bottle not long ago - probs not the best idea just before bed) Happy (recent uni results have been good) Bipolar (so many contrasting feelings within a day: happy one minute, sad the next...grr...nd it's not even that time of the month! haha wtf)
I'm craving: The company of my best friends (not food for once!)
I'm watching: Paul and Lillia lost in a box
I'm wondering: What's up with my sister? Haven't heard from her in a while...
I'm crushing on: Richard Kahui (don't see what all the fuss over Sonny Bill is about..)
I'm about to: Go to sleep. It's almost half past eleven. I always go to bed too late.
I'm resolving to: Go to bed earlier!
I'm liking: the following picture

teeheehee...her face says it all. so cute.


  1. Aww yeah cute! And I really like this post. It's...um...bitter sweet maybe? (But "wind rape"!!Kinda spoils it lol)

  2. Is it? And it WAS wind-rape!! Very annoying


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