Sunday, 25 September 2011

Our country is crazy

Finally getting back to blogging after a superb weekend filled with two of my favourite people. The weekend included: burgers, great conversation (on an extensive range of topics!), a sleepover in matching onesies and another sleepover in one of the most comfortable beds everrrrr, church, losing an hour of sleep due to daylight saving, watching the ABs d├ętruire France, almost crying whilst eating my favourite thing in the world - a kebab from Cafe Anatolia (on account of the huge amount of chilli sauce in the kebab, not because I was finally eating what I had been craving for sooooo long, though I do believe that would have been a perfectly valid reason to shed tears), watching a movie, 2x roadies (1 vastly superior than the other due to the company), a lunch date, a hot grape and hearing the name Ma'a Nonu more times in 80mins than one could ever imagine ;) It was an amazing weekend.

Then found that Kirsty Helen, who writes a blog I love to read, had commented on my blog! Exciting!

So...our country is hosting the Rugby World Cup at the moment, and as I've mentioned before, the country has a wonderful buzz to it. It's amazing to be a part of it. Palmy is hosting it's first game of the tournament this coming Wednesday so I'm excited to see how this atmosphere is going to manifest itself when games are actually being played here! Unfortunately I won't be attending, but my flat is only 2 blocks away from the stadium so I'm hoping I'll be able to feel/hear/see some of the hype!!

Found this awesome youtube video of the rugby - all done with lego! I love the suspense-filled music and that the ball is a piece of blu-tack.

Someone clearly has a lot of time on their though :)

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