Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cheers to the freakin' (almost) weekend

I think that this weekend may possibly be one of my most anticipated weekends to date!! Hence why I can't contain my excitement and am blogging about it when it's only Thursday. Hah shame. Why is this weekend so exciting I hear you, my virtual friends, ask?
Welllllllllll.....I get to see my beautiful family and friends :)
Saturday my parents and sister who has been in Europe for 2 months are coming to visit me. Then we are heading back to the big smoke (Hastings haha) where I can see some of my friends yay, then up to Hamilton on Monday! A week in Hamilton then roadie-ing it back with a good friend for a nutty weekend! So really it's this weekend, next week and the following weekend that I'm looking forward to. Excite!!!!

I am going to a party tonight with uni friends where the theme is 'boxes' aka you have to make something out of a  box and wear it. My friend Jordan is going as a Tardis (Dr Who lovers will know what this is) and I'm going as a Rubik's Cube! Made my costume yesterday. It's pretty mean.

Dedicated to  the people I can't wait to see are the following pics...ILY!!
Sadly I don't have any pics of my mum or dad :( But I can't wait to see them either.


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