Sunday, 11 September 2011

I love friends :)

It's amazing how much of a difference being around friends can make to one's overall outlook. Was feeling down before I went up to Hamilton, but since being around people that I'm totally comfortable with and love spending time with, I'm feeling much more positive :) Hopefully it lasts for a decent amount of time! On Friday my friend and I did a roadie from Hamilton to Palmy which was really fun. I'd never been along the desert road before. It's a beautiful drive. Watched the RWC opening ceremony and first game (woop woop to NZ thrashing Tonga!) that night, also very cool. I love that the country has a buzz that no one is exempt from. The number of flags in cars, signs in windows, people wearing All Black regalia etc is just amazing. I love New Zealand.

Saturday we slept in, watched Ocean's eleven, caught up with another friend and went to Breakers for dinner. Then we had drinks at our friend's flat and went to town! It was a great night. We went to 6 different clubs and danced until our feet ached.

Unfortunately uni is back on tomorrow :( but at least I had a satisfying break!
A few snaps from my weekend...

Snow-capped mountain. Taken in Waiouru

Awesome friends - Hayden, Molika and Renee

The beautiful Emma and me :)

Great weekends are the best

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