Friday, 14 October 2011

Amazing Amy

Omifreakin goodness what a day. Received a package in the mail first thing this morning - a box of hershey's kisses and Example's CD. Stoked! I had entered a comp on the edge website a while ago and won! Woop! Great start to the day. Then one tutorial and lecture was cancelled aaaannnnndddd out feature writing tutor made us cupcakes! They were amazing too, with sprinkles and edible glitter. No kidding. But then, because a day cannot be all good in Dale's world, when I got home I realised I had left my keys in the house, so spent an hour outside waiting for the flattie to come and let me in (I was also hyperventilating at this point as I had to get inside  to upload my essay that was due at 5pm!). Then went to the gym and after getting home and showering, discovered I had left my ipod at the gym. Eek! Was very worried that someone would have picked it up and taken it home. So went back, stressing, but thankfully it was exactly where I had left it. Phewf. Now that all that's over, its nice to sit back and relax and watch some television :)

In our forensic linguistics tutorial this morning, we watched a youtube clip that actually blew my mind. It's this lady - Amy Walker who does 21 accents, amazingly well. It's had over 6 million hits and you have to watch it.  It's only 2 and a half mins, so dooooooo it!!!

What do you think? I was so amazed when I saw it. She is so very talented.

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