Sunday, 9 October 2011

Just for kicks

Today was great. 11am start and only an hour of uni until I could return home. Though I still have loads of uni work to do whilst at home, it's still better than actually being at uni. Yay that the All Black's won again last night too, though if they were to lose to any team I'd rather it be to Argentina (got a bit of a soft spot for the pumas). The Argys put up a great fight though, and were humble in defeat (part of the reason why I like 'em). They are going to be a force to be reckoned with (excuse the cliche) when they join the four nations next year and start playing against the best teams on a yearly basis. But Yay for the ABs :) And Yay for Mills getting his 100th cap. Shame they didn't play his speech though.

Anyho.....for today's Much Love Monday I'm sharing some shoes that are TDF (to die for). I think that if I'm ever rich, I'm gonna be a shoe lady. One of those ones that has an entire wall in her walk in wardrobe just for shoes. haha. Nah probs not, but one can dream. Here are some that I heart:

black, fashion, heels, high heels, shoes
CL Check open-toed high heels
cl black shoes
The cool thing is that the last three pairs are from Wild Pair so are actually affordable!! Check out one of my favourite blogs, Here Comes the Sun to see how Amanda wears the bright orange pair just above! 
These shoes would all make my feet ache though, I'm pretty sure! But still, I love!!


  1. Cute heels! Especially the orange pair- Saw them in Wild Pair today and love, love, love! Bright and summmery! xx


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