Thursday, 6 October 2011

Back to basics

So I've noticed that I haven't done any diary-type posts as of late which is unusual for me, and I know that some people (well one at least) like to read this blog so they know what I'm up to. So today I shall revert back to that type of post :)

This week has been really crazy. I have been in at work three times this week, as well as attending all my classes and having three assignments on the go simultaneously. I also had my first experience of court, as for my linguistics paper we had to sit in on a trial in order to analyse courtroom discourse (breathe out now, it wasn't me that was in court. tehehe you all know I'm a complete angel...). That was an experience. The Palmerston North court is faaaancy, and you have to go through metal detectors and such as soon as you get in the door. I made an idiot of myself by forgetting to go back and get my keys from the tray after I went through the detector. Eejit. Aaaaaannnnnnnnd I still managed to set the frikn thing off both times I went through. Oh gawsh. haha. We sat in a jury trial, and the three of us were the only audience members, so this lawyer dude came and asked us if we were just observing and when we said yes he told us that it was a sexual abuse case. So we were like 'uh oh'. That kinda freaked me out, as I didn't really want to hear any graphic detail. But it turned out that the questioning of the accused wasn't graphic at all. Phewf. Court is very interesting, the power dynamics that go on and all that. I enjoyed it even though it was a very grim case.

Other than that, the week has been full of assignments, classes and work. Looking forward to a rugby-filled weekend and the arrival of a best friend tonight :) YAY.

Oh, I managed to go to the Argentina vs Georgia game in Palmy last Sunday which was beyond awesome. The game itself was pretty meh but the atmosphere was electric, and there were sooo many dashing Argentinians in the crowd. I'm pleased to be able to say 'I was there' at RWC 2011 and took part! Even though it was a minor game. It's sad now to not see the team buses as you go down the main street.

So yea, that's me. Busy bee atm.
Oooooooooooh I found these really cool 'McFancy' photos on another recently discovered blog - Eat Drink Chic. I thought they were mc-nificent!! Lawl, please excuse my lame humour :)

Darn. Now I feel like Maccas.


  1. Um...can't remember what I wanted to say now! Under pressure..O NO!!! Something about busy week blah blah tho still upbeat blah blah great weekend blah O and is it J or J coming to stay with you?

  2. It's JS not JK :) and great comment, thanks! lol :) x


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