Monday, 15 October 2012

A list of randoms

  • I lost my phone battery on Saturday night. Not the back panel that houses the battery or the sim card, just the battery. wtf. So bought myself the cheapest phone I could find, $39. It's actually awesome and super easy to text with. I love it's simplicity. In saying that though, I really want an iphone.
  • I want to belong to a book club one day. I love the idea of reading a book a week and then getting together to talk about it over drinks and canapes. It would also keep my mind young I believe (this is assuming I join the book club when I'm older).
  • Going to see Taken 2 tonight! Excited! Loved the first one so hoping the second one is just as good. Have heard good things from one friend. Also, Liam Neeson is awesome.
  • They have a 'guess the number of jelly beans in the jar' competition going at the local New World supermarket. The thing is though, it's only black and white jelly beans. WHO would want to win that? Pretty sure those are the two flavours everyone and pink are where it's at!!
  • Only 10 weeks till Christmas!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! This means summer though! woop!


  1. EEEWWWWW PINK!! Green, orange, red, but PINK! And yeah, black & white jelly beans? What's with that?

  2. Pink's yummy! I'm thinking it might be something patriotic but YUK!

  3. white jellybeans are algud? black are yuk. nice handstand? lol p.s ur missing out without an iphone!!

  4. oh my goodness, is the phone the $39 2degrees phone?! when my phone broke, i had to buy that, cos i couldn't live without a phone haha - then i bought an iphone a week later...haha. I also reaaaaaaally want to join a book club too! maybe we could start one one day haha x

    1. yes it is!! haha that's so funny! Yeah I bought it the very next day because I can't live without either! soooo want an iphone!! Yes we definitely should :)


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