Monday, 22 October 2012


I've randomly been thinking about the different types of humour lately, because one of the first things I notice about someone I meet is what sort of sense of humour they have, and something that attracts me to someone is if they have a similar sense of humour to me.

I asked my mum what sort of sense of humour I have a few weeks ago and she described it as "dry quirky" and "witty". I definitely notice that the humour I use is not everyone's forte, as sometimes I'll meet someone and make a joke that I'd be used to my friends laughing at and this new person won't laugh, and its like...awkward....haha.

This is one of the main attractions to le garcon, our humour is very similar :/

So I googled types of humour just to see how they can be classified, and have discovered that my sense of humour is a mixture of these types:
  • Sarcastic - I use sarcasm a LOT. If you know me well, you will be aware of this. Sometimes I even use sarcasm in text. This usually fails.
  • Self-deprecating - I will often make fun of myself. And others, actually, but in a joking way. This sometimes comes back to bite me though if the other person doesn't realise I'm kidding...
  • Witty/Highbrow - I like to think I'm a bit witty. I like to use puns :)
A sense of humour is a wonderful thing, and is so so so important. Cause your friends are those who not only are there for you through thick and thin but who also make you laugh lots (and thereby share a similar sense of humour). And personally, I love to laugh, and heartily appreciate those who can make me laugh :D

This is a photo of me laughing. I have no idea what Jess and I were laughing at, but any time spent with her involves many many laughs. I love this picture though, its so in-the-moment and candid <3

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