Friday, 5 October 2012

People I wish were my friends

Jamie Oliver - Seems like such a chilled, down to earth guy, with a heart of gold. Not to mention his amazing culinary talents. Like honestly, imagine going to a dinner party at his place...(drools)...!

Johnny Depp - Do I really need to explain this one? He is pretty much the epitome of cool, and he is an amazing musician and quite a looker too. Can just imagine he would be an awesome person to chill with outside on the deck in the sun with a cold beverage, jamming his guitar.

Zooey Deschanel - Quirky and a complete babe, if she's anything like her character on New Girl she would be one fun chick to hang with. I imagine she would be the kind of friend to do girly things like baking or crafts with. Or go antiquing with.

Stephen Fry - Wittiness is something that I really admire (and wish I had more of), and this guy is pretty much the ultimate master. Hopefully being his friend would mean some of his incredible intellect would rub off on me....!

Jack Tame - This TVNZ journalist seems like such a cool dude. He's so passionate about what he does and mega talented at it too. I imagine him being a friend that you could have deep and meaningfuls with about current events yet still go out with for a dance.

George Orwell - I admire the mind of this man greatly. Through his novels you can see he has some pretty strong beliefs, and I just imagine a conversation with him would be stimulating and thought-provoking.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Pretty much think this guy is amazing. He's an incredibly talented actor, a good singer and super cute! I reckon he seems like a guy you could watch chick flicks with, and he would actually enjoy them, and would enjoy walks around pretty gardens and stuff like that. Not saying that he's really girly, but he comes across as a guy who would enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life.

Atticus Finch - An emblem of unwavering morality and goodness, who wouldn't want Atticus Finch as a friend! He would be the type of friend you'd go to for life advice, the type of friend that everyone needs.

Quite an eclectic group of people aye! Funny that there's only one female in there too. 
Who do you think would be a cool friend? Fictional characters allowed ;)


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