Monday, 29 August 2011


Omigoodness me you would not believe how stoked I was after I handed my assignment in today. Freakin ae. So I woke up this morning all set to finish the last 300 words before 5pm, went to open it on my comp and the folder was empty. No kidding. This caused a massive freak out and attempts at everything you could think of to try and recover my essay. Even went to the computer repair shop next door to try and get it back. But alas, it was gone. Un-retrievable.
So I had less than 8 hours to write a 2000 word essay on a really difficult subject, which would usually take me about 4 days.
Somehow, with massive amounts of adrenaline pumping (at the thought of losing out on ten percent and failing to hand something in for the first time in my life), I managed to finish before 4pm. I tell ya though, it was intense. But in the end, I was quite pleased with it.
But that level of stress was toooo much ta handle!
So this may sound like an over-reaction but it's a big deal to me. Have never felt the level of relief I felt after handing this particular assignment in!!!!

Now feeling totes pleased that it's over with so laxing with a movie tonight.
Oh and yesterday we went to the Chatham Cup final at Memorial Park coz a guy I knew was playing. It was awesome. The atmosphere was amazing, the stadium was packed and the supporters of the team I was going for were making a rukus. It was epic. Though my team didn't win, it was a great game :)

What to put on here today? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I will put up some purely awesome pics.


Mind blown.


  1. Oh no....can just imagine how you would've been freaking out. But amazing job getting it all re-done & handed in any way. That's my girl xx


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